KarmaLib Java Library 0.9.1 Alpha Released

Version 0.9.1 Alpha of the Java implementation of KarmaLib has been released. Reliability and speed were much improved as well as some bug fixes and class architecture changes. Get more info in the files section of our site.

Protocol documentation added

Documentation of the Pearl Protocol (the protocol used to communicate with the Karma) is now in the docs section.

It is fairly complete, but I will try to add more details when I have a chance.

site updated

about, files, links, etc. all have content. The only thing missing is the documentation section. I'd really like to get back to development, as I hate this web stuff, but I'll add the protocol documentation soon.

karmalib website opens

Finally got a website up and running here, with news script and forums etc. Right now there aren't any docs or links, but I will add them as soon as I can.

Please give me some feedback / suggestions.