KarmaLib is a set of open source client libraries for managing your Rio Karma.

The goal of the project is to facilitate development of free or commercial third party applications for the Karma by providing full-featured, open source, easy to use client libraries in a variety of programming languages, as well as useful documentation on the libraries and the protocol.

The libraries are all open source, and are licensed under the GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License to allow for the greatest flexibility of use in both free and commercial applications.

Initially we plan to provide libraries in Java, C#, and C or C++ (both win32 and linux). Support for those languages should cater to the largest development audience, and the largest number of platforms. We would like to provide support for as many languages as possible but have limited development resources. That said, we welcome any volunteers who would like to write a client library for any additional languages. You can simply email the project admin(s), to discuss having your library added to the project.

We encourage everyone to participate in the project. The most current source code is always available in CVS and we have forums where you can post any ideas, suggestions, or bug reports.